Rotterdam Saxofoon Repairments provides the best quality services with affordable prices in all types of woodwind instruments in Rotterdam.

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What We Do

rotterdam saxofoon repairments Services

saxophone repair

the best repairing services

Basic overhaul and complete restoration on woodwind instruments. Keep always your instrument in the best conditions.


sale your instruments

Professional advising service on purchasing and selling second-hand woodwind instruments (all types of saxophones, clarinets, piccolos, flutes, oboes, English horns & bassoons).

rotterdam saxofoon repairment founder

technical assistance for courses & Masterclasses

We provide the best quality courses & masterclasses to your students adding a special technical service for this occasion.



The company Rotterdam Saxofoon Repairments opens a space specially designed to meet the needs of all those clarinet players under the name of Rotterdam Clarinet Repairments.

This project starts with new expectations of business growth, maintaining the standards that have confirmed the identity of this business based on its professionalism, excellent customer service and quality of its services.


Rotterdam Saxofoon Repairments team think of all students and offers discount up to 20% off for their repairing services. Just show your STUDENT CARD and get automatically a discount.

About us

experience & dedication

We know well that daily long hours of study requires a high level of sacrifice, concentration, and motivation, but these are sometimes altered because of a possible lack of maintenance and conservation of our woodwind instrument.

Rotterdam Saxofoon Repairments brings its experience and daily dedication to build your dreams come true in the most comfortable way. 

Juan Placido Osorio


Our Mission

Enhance the development of musicians in pursuit of their musical expressiveness, offering our experience and knowledge on woodwind instruments.

Marjolein van Vulpen
Marjolein van Vulpen
February 14, 2024.
Amazing work on my saxophone!
steyn van der Hoek
steyn van der Hoek
February 10, 2024.
Service done within a week. Juan thinks along and doesn't do unnecessary work to stay within budget
Niels Kastelein
Niels Kastelein
February 3, 2024.
Very friendly and great service. Felt like we had a brand new sax!
Chiel Van Iperen
Chiel Van Iperen
February 3, 2024.
Juan heeft me super geholpen bij de reparatie van mijn saxofoon. Hij neemt geen halve maatregelen, maar komt met een goede oplossing. Daarnaast geeft hij vakkundig advies en onderhoudstips die ik zelf kan doen om plezier te houden van de saxofoon Want, is zijn devies: “jij bent er niet voor de saxofoon, de sax is er voor jou!” Een echte aanrader dus 😃😃😃😃😃
Wouter van der Does
Wouter van der Does
January 23, 2024.
Very flexibele, friendly! My soprano plays smoothly again after cleaning and repairing.
Haydi Mayers
Haydi Mayers
January 22, 2024.
Zeer aanbevolen. Ik ben zeer tevreden met de reparatie die meneer Juan aan mijn saxofoon heeft uitgevoerd. Alles werkt weer. Hij is aardig, vriendelijk, behulpzaam en geeft goed advies. Bedankt Juan.
Isabel .Maurice
Isabel .Maurice
November 28, 2023.
Een super service, ik kon snel bij hem terecht en de sax was snel klaar. Ik bracht hem weg voor de jaarlijkse service beurt. Ik ben heel erg tevreden!
Clara Borg
Clara Borg
November 28, 2023.
Got my corks replaced the same day as I reach out on What's app. Very clear and fast communication and Juan did a very detailed and professional job. Can highly recommend him!
Emily Holtkamp
Emily Holtkamp
November 28, 2023.
Ik heb onlangs mijn saxofoon bij Juan gebracht omdat mijn kurk bij het mondstuk was afgebroken. Hij heeft mij zeer vakkundig en snel geholpen. Daarna merkte ik een lek in mijn kleppen. Ik kon weer snel terecht en hij heeft mijn hele saxofoon een grote beurt gegeven. Hij gaf mij de tip om jaarlijks mijn saxofoon even na te laten kijken en vooral tussendoor de kleppen na het spelen goed droog te maken. Ik ben erg blij met Juan, als saxofoonreparateur. Hij is erg vriendelijk, servicegericht en flexibel. Ik kan hem echt aanraden, hij is een ervaren saxofonist en kent diverse typen saxofoon van binnen en van buiten.

Affordable Pricing

Our Plans

Rotterdam Saxofoon Repairments offers the best quality services at very competent and affordable prices.


When your music instrument needs some maintenance.
99 (from)
  • Review of the instrument status
  • Checking the closure and sealing of the key
  • Adjustment without disassembly
  • Lubrication without disassembly


Keep your instrument as a new one.
99 (from)
  • Review of the instrument status
  • Disassembly, cleaning and lubrication
  • General Adjustment in both hands
  • Check & Rectify pad seatings
  • Felt & Cork Replacement
  • Noise Reduction on keys


The most complete service for your instrument.
99 (from)
  • Review of the instrument status
  • Whole adjustment, cleaning & lubrication
  • Pad set replacement
  • Cork & Felt replacement
  • Spring replacement (If necessary)

For this rate you have access to a specialist, fast and accurate. There are no fixed prices for maintenance visits. You pay for the time and material costs used. If you want, you will receive an estimate in advance of what the maintenance will cost approximately.

  • Neck cork replacement € 25 incl. btw.
  • The hourly repair wage is € 55 excl. btw. For this rate you have access to a specialist, fast and accurate. There are no fixed prices for maintenance visits. You pay for the time and material costs used.

our latest works


YEAR subscriptions for

music associations & orchestras

Rotterdam Saxofoon Repairments provides bundles for associations, bands or orchestras to keep all your instruments in perfect conditions throughout the year.


(Minimum 3 instruments)
99 /instr.
  • Review of the instrument status
  • Checking the closure and sealing of the keys
  • Adjustment without disassembly
  • Lubrication without disassembly
  • (2x) Neck Cork replacement
  • Pad replacements (max. 3 pads in total)
  • Cork, Felts & Springs (if necessary)


(Pay for 5 instruments and adding 1 extra FOR FREE)
99 /instr.
  • Review of the instrument status
  • Checking the closure and sealing of the keys
  • General Cleaning (Silver Polishing, Tone Holes, Pad leather hydration)
  • Whole Adjustment with disassembly
  • Whole Lubrication
  • (3x) Neck Cork Replacement
  • Pad Replacements (max. 2 per instrument)
  • Cork, Felt & Spring (If necessary)

How thESE YEAR bundles work

terms & conditions

  • We offer two bundles for associations, bands, or orchestras: Low-cost / Premium.
  • Each of these subscriptions have a permanent contract of 1 year.
  • The subscription must be hired for the minimum of instruments mentioned above each bundle.
  • The Subscriber will be provided with a membership card that must be shown before services.
  • Instruments will be registered in the database under their model and serie numbers.
  • Fixed and affordable rate, including VAT, material and labor costs (Without extra unexpected costs).
  • The year payment will be remembered and collected within a period of 14 days before the payment is fulfilled.
  • Cancellations of a permanent contract is possible, with the disadvantage that your money will not be refunded.
  • The following are not covered by the subscription: damages, dents, repainting, silvering and what is not otherwise mentioned.

Got Questions?



Yes. You always have to make an appointment for any instrument repairing services before coming to our studio.

HOW MUCH is the service cost?

The standard price for any woodwind instrument repair is 55 (excl. BTW)Excluded pads (individual or sets) or neck cork replacements (extra costs).

Could I ask for a quotation?

Absolutely. Type me via Whatsapp and tell me what your problems are. I will be happy to send you an estimation of what the repairing might cost.


You can write a message below in the CONTACT SECTION or type me using Whatsapp. Sometimes, I am busy in the studio and cannot answer your calls, so please, do not hesitate to send me a message.

Do your repair services have any discount?

Promotions will be posted on the website. 

Our services provide a Student Discount up to 20% and Private & Business Year Subscriptions with with unbeatable conditions and affordable prices.

DO YOU need a clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon repairing?

Although our repairing studio is specialised on saxophones, we can also provide you a complete clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon service including any kind of repairing, maintenance or cleaning services.

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